As technologically advanced as necessary, as simple as possible

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As technologically advanced as necessary, as simple as possible

PWL provides customers with the most efficient headers of simple and durable design. They are designed based of the experience of farmers and engineers with passion. They are designed for long service life and low operating costs.

MasterFlow is a corn header that was developed and designed in the smallest detail by professionals having long years of experience. These are machines with an optimally simple and durable construction.

Thanks to the longest rotors available on the market, they beat records of operating speed up to 12 km/h. As standard, they are equipped with the roto-cut propeller cutter, which shreds the stems at a speed of 25 m/s.

The continuous mass flow is guaranteed by the design of the section which prevents it from being clogged.

Grain augers for lodged maize are always standard! The machines are available in working widths from 4 to 12 rows on a rigid frame and from 6 to 12 on a hydraulically folded frame.

PWL SpeedFlow headers are rowless sunflower harvest headers with which you can harvest this plant regardless of the sowing direction. They can be equipped with a roto-cut rotating cutter with a reel shredding stem residue.

These design solutions guarantee a low level of seed loss of up to 3% and an operating speed of up to 12 km/h. An additional rotor under the cutter bar and a hydraulic flap ensures the possibility of working on an uneven sunflower field.

The machines are available in various working widths from 4.1 m to 13.1 m.

Sunflower header

Corn header



The PWL company is a dynamically developing manufacturer of high-quality attachments for harvesting corn and sunflower.

The company’s headquarters is located in Gorzyce in Małopolska, where the final preparations of the machines are carried out before shipping to the customer, and the factory is located in Turkey.

The company was founded in 2022 out of passion for agriculture and the desire to provide innovative solutions supporting farmers that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their hard work.

From the very beginning of our existence, we have been focusing on emphasis on the quality, durability and simplicity of our products and competitive price. As a family company, we know agriculture inside and out and understand its challenges. That is why our headers are created with the real needs of farmers in mind, providing them not only with saving time and resources, but also with the certainty that their work will be carried out efficiently and effectively.

We are proud that as a company we have full control over the production process of our attachments. Thanks to this, we can provide our customers not only with high quality, but also with flexible configuration and short delivery times, which makes our offer even more attractive on the market.

PWL headers for harvesting corn and sunflower are not only solid and reliable, but also simple and innovative, using the latest technologies to make the work of farmers as easy and comfortable as possible.

The PWL company operates with long-term cooperation in mind and constantly meeting the needs of customers. Our company is not only a place of work, but also a fulfillment of the dreams and activities of many generations who have always been associated with agriculture. We strive to ensure that our products are not only work tools, but also become farmers’ “partners” in achieving success. Quality, durability, innovation and trust are the pillars on which we build our brand and relationships with customers.

We have many years of experience in creation, as we also created a dynamically operating on the global market company Pawelecagro from Olesno in Małopolska. . This proves that we always approach each challenge with dedication and full commitment.

PWL attachments from the Master-Flow series for corn harvesting.

They are created by experienced professionals from the agricultural industry, who make every effort to ensure the highest quality and efficiency. Every detail of these machines has been thought out and designed in a way that guarantees not only simplicity, but also durability of the structure.

The greatest advantage of the Master-Flow corn harvesting attachments is their innovative rotor system, which is the longest available on the market. Thanks to this, these machines can achieve record operating speeds of up to 12 km/h, which translates into a faster and more effective corn harvesting process.

As standard, they are equipped with aroto-cut knife shredder reaching speeds rotational speed of 25 m/s measured at the end of the blade. Additionally, the structure of the ripper section has been designed to ensure continuous mass flow without the risk of the machine clogging. Augers for fallen, broken corn are an integral part of the standard equipment, which additionally increases the functionality and usability of these machines.

Master-FLOWcorn harvesting attachments are available in various construction configurations. They are available both on a rigid frame with a width of 4 to 12 rows, and a hydraulically foldable frame with a width of 6 to 12 rows, which allows them to be tailored to the individual needs and requirements of customers.

In short, corn harvesting headers Master-Flow is not only a symbol of innovation and efficiency, but also of solidity and reliability. Thanks to them, the harvesting process becomes faster and more effective, which translates into greater efficiency and user satisfaction.

PWL sunflower harvesting attachment from the Speed-FLOW series

This is a revolutionary solution that eliminates the need to determine the sowing direction while mowing. These rowless attachments allow work in any direction, which makes the harvesting process much more flexible and effective.

One of the key features of Speed-FLOW attachments is the ability to retrofit them with aroto-cut shredder and a roller that breaks the remaining stems. This innovative system allows for effective breaking of plant material and protection of the tread of the combine’s tires. The design of the machine guarantees low yield losses of up to 3% and the ability to achieve a working speed of up to 12 km/h, which means that the Speed-FLOW series attachments provide not only high efficiency, but also excellent quality collected material.

The functionality and versatility of sunflower harvesting attachments is provided by an additional rotor located under the cutter bar and a hydraulically adjustable flap that tilts higher sunflowers for more precise harvesting. Thanks to these applications, PWL Speed-FLOW headers are an ideal solution for various working conditions.

Sunflower harvesting headers are available in working widths from 4.1 m to 13.1 m and are available only on rigid frames, which ensures reliability, excellent efficiency and comfort of work. PWL headers from the Speed-FLOW series are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Frequently asked questions

PLW is the brand of the Polish company PWL sp. z o.o. It imports and exports agricultural machinery and produces attachments for harvesting corn and sunflower.

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After clicking on the store link, after visiting us at, or directly at 33-210 Olesno ul. Kolejowa 23a.

Current prices can be obtained by writing us a message in the contact form, e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger or by calling 795 700 895.

The warranty covers a period of 12 months.

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