Corn header

Corn header PWL Master FLOW

MasterFlow is a corn header that was developed and designed in the smallest detail by professionals having long years of experience. These are machines with an optimally simple and durable construction. Thanks to the longest rotors available on the market, they beat records of operating speed up to 12 km/h. As standard, they are equipped with the roto-cut propeller cutter, which shreds the stems at a speed of 25 m/s. The continuous mass flow is guaranteed by the design of the section which prevents it from being clogged. Grain augers for lodged maize are always standard! The machines are available in working widths from 4 to 12 rows on a rigid frame and from 6 to 12 on a hydraulically folded frame.

System roto-cut

Excellent cutting quality

It can be engaged or disengaged with a key. Directly connected to the harvest drive gearbox. Mounted directly at the back of the section and equipped with 60 HRC steel knives with tungsten carbide. These are the advantages of the stripper section. The position of the cutter at the rear directly under the main gearbox reduces the risk of collision with the ground, which extends the life of the blades. It also eliminates the need for additional drive gearboxes. The cutter knives cut the maize at a speed of 25 m/s measured at the blade tip. There are 2- and 3-knife cutters to choose from.

roto cut
Wysoka wytrzymałość

Gearboxes in cast-iron housings

Durability is paramount

The heart of any corn header is its gearboxes. Therefore, it is their construction that must ensure a long, defect-free operation of the entire machine. We know that the conditions during the harvest are not always ideal. Therefore, the gearboxes of PWL headers are enclosed in strong cast-iron housings which are able to deal with unforeseen load during operation. Bevel gearboxes in oil bath with carbon steel gear wheels with a hardness of 50 HRC will ensure long, defect-free operation.

Long service life of working elements

First of all, low-cost operation

The working elements of each stripper section are made of wear-resistant materials and covered with tungsten carbide. Its hardness exceeds 60 HRC. This allows for a very long operation period of up to 200 ha per row. The design of the rotors allows for maximum use of the blades, which after being worn off can be reversed, so that the sharp edge faces the opposite direction. Counter-knives with the possibility of adjusting the distance from the knife allow you to work in the most difficult, wet, weed-infested conditions without compromising work efficiency. They also prevent plants from wrapping around the rotors.

Long working sections

Exceptional efficiency in all conditions

The operation of headers for maize harvesting is determined by the length of the rotors and their rotational speed, which is why in PWL headers both of these aspects are harmoniously matched. There is a rule: the longer the rotor, the higher the operating speed at which we can work. On the other hand, the proper rotational speed of the rotors reduces grain losses. Rotors with a total length of 680 mm and an input speed at the gearbox of 620 rpm are employed in the headers. This allows operating speed of up to 12 km/h with losses reduced to minimum.

Długie sekcje robocze

Adjustment of the stripper’s deck plates

Central adjustment system for the stripper’s deck plates

In the headers, a central adjustment system for the stripper’s deck plates is used, thanks to which the gap is adjusted depending on the input from the operator’s cabin. Depending on the combine model, a hydraulic or electric actuator is used for this purpose. If it is necessary to calibrate individual sections, the second deck plate of the stripper is adjusted manually using screws. The smooth mass flow is also ensured by chains operating on large-diameter gear wheels. Therefore, the chains are closer to the gap of the stripper, eliminating corncob clipping and also eliminating the need for continuous adjustment of the stripper’s deck plates.


Customised solutions

PWL headers can be mounted on absolutely any combine harvester. No exceptions. For this purpose, an appropriate mounting frame, hydraulic couplings system and appropriate reduction in the main drive gearboxes are selected. Machines become more universal, because regardless of the combine model, they can always be adapted. Tilt adjustment and universal frame settings allow you to choose the best working angle of the header and adapt it to the working conditions.

Montaż przystawek

Crop dividers

Minimise losses

Row covers and crop dividers are made of flexible lightweight plastic. They minimize crop losses when corncobs fall on the covers. They limit the total mass of the machine and ensure a smooth mass flow. Divider widths with row spans of 70 and 75 cm are selectable.

Rozdzielacze łanu

Side spirals

Exceptional efficiency in lodged maize

ome things just should be standard. Therefore, PWL headers are always equipped with side spirals for lodged maize. Conical side spirals are simple, light and durable. They ensure high work efficiency in maize damaged by animals and pests.

Drive transmission

Durable solutions, solid drives.

The drive of rigid headers is transmitted externally from the machine through cast-iron angular gearboxes and power take-off shafts. They ensure low maintenance requirements, long service life and reliability.
The headers with a hydraulically foldable frame have a drive chain from the inside of the header and central trapezoidal couplings. The drive is engaged without leaving the cabin, and the loads on the couplings are limited only to the operation of the lateral working sections.
The machines are protected by a central friction clutch protecting the entire machine against mechanical damage caused by sudden jams of the strippers. This solution allows you to achieve a higher working speed.

Przekazanie napędu

Active chain tensioners

Always properly tensioned

In PWL headers, the chains are tensioned automatically through internal springs. They ensure proper tensioning of the chains during operation, and also facilitate maintenance and service, because after loosening one screw, the chain can be easily removed and replaced.

Aktywne napinacze łańcuchów

Technical specifications

Choose your header for a combine or leave it to us

Model: MasterFlow4-755-756-758-756-75 H8-75 H
Overall width(m)3,2 m3,95 m4,7 m6,2 m4,7 m6,2 m
Weight1600 kg1900 kg2200 kg2600 kg2350 kg3000 kg
Combine class120-140 km140-200 km160-240 km220-300 km180-260 km260-350 km
Working speed4-8 km/h
Inter-row spacing75 cm
Gap adjustmentHydraulic or electric
Roto-cut cutter speed25m/s
Blade coating toughness60 HRC
Number of blades2 or 3
Service interval12 h