Sunflower Header

Sunflower Header PWL Speed FLOW

PWL SpeedFlow headers are rowless sunflower harvest headers with which you can harvest this plant regardless of the sowing direction. They can be equipped with a roto-cut rotating cutter with a reel shredding stem residue. These design solutions guarantee a low level of seed loss of up to 3% and an operating speed of up to 12 km/h. An additional rotor under the cutter bar and a hydraulic flap ensures the possibility of working on an uneven sunflower field. The machines are available in various working widths from 4.1 m to 13.1 m.

Step up to the next level of harvesting with PWL headers

Adjustable platform width

Higher harvest yields

The smaller the clearance between the platforms, the lower the possibility of losing the crops. In our headers, the width of the crop divider platforms is manually adjustable. Working with thin stem varieties, we can reduce the clearance to a minimum and at the same time minimise losses.

Being independent of the row orientation

In every direction

Regardless of the inter-row spacing in which your sunflowers grow, with the PWL SpeedFlow header you can harvest them in any direction. Our machines are dedicated for farmers and customers, where the width of inter-rows may vary depending on the preferences of the customer or region.

The difference in the stover will not go unnoticed

Roto-cut system system, full protection

Excellent cutting quality, Take care of your combine

The roto-cut system mounted on an independent frame is optional equipment. The cutting height is hydraulically adjusted from the operator’s cabin. Its structure consists of durable bevel gears and cutters made of wear-resistant steel coated with tungsten carbide. The cutter’s rotors shred the residue at a speed of 25 m/s, measured at the blade tip. The roto-cut system not only accelerates the decomposition of crop residues, but also protects the underside of your harvester. A crushing reel located behind the shredder is the protection for the tires.

Drive transmission

Durable solutions, solid drives

The drive of the roto-cut system is transmitted through cast-iron bevel gear transmissions and power take-off shafts. They ensure low maintenance requirements, long service life and reliability. The machines are protected by a central friction clutch which protects the entire machine against mechanical damage caused by a sudden jam. This solution allows you to achieve a higher working speed.
Renowned components

Durability and reliability

The cutting unit consists of components from renowned manufacturers.

Experience the quality for yourself, a clean harvest is indeed possible

Harvesting sunflowers of uneven height

Always at the right level

The system regulating the height of flower heads harvest consists of two components: a retractable hydraulic flap and a rotor under the cutter bar. The flap bends the sunflowers forward and at the same time the rotor pulls them down. The flower heads lean on the platforms and are cut directly underneath. The quality of the harvest remains at the highest level, because only the flower heads go into the combine. Sunflowers growing at different heights will not cause you any more problems.

High operating speed

At a high rotational speed

Thanks to the PWL SpeedFlow headers, you can work at a speed of up to 12 km/h. The adjustable sunflower head gripper moves the cut sunflowers to the collection screw conveyor with the utmost care.


Customised solutions

PWL headers can be mounted on absolutely any combine harvester, without exceptions. For this purpose, an appropriate mounting frame, hydraulic couplings system and appropriate reduction in the main drive gearboxes are selected. The machines become more universal, because regardless of the combine model, they can always be adapted. Tilt adjustment and universal frame settings allow you to choose the best working angle of the header and adapt it to the working conditions.

All within your easy reach

Full control of the work

In order to achieve the highest work efficiency, the adjustment of the cutting height in the roto-cut system and the adjustment of the hydraulic flap is always at hand, in the operator’s cabin. The cutting height indicator is located on the header and is perfectly visible for the operator.

Technical specifications

Choose your header for a combine or leave it to us

Model: Speed Flow6.757.758.759.7510.7511.7512.7513.7514.7515.75
Working width4,14,855,66,357,17,858,69,3510,110,85
Overall width4,65,356,16,857,68,359,19,8510,611,35
Weight with roto-cut2000220024302560270028302980320034503630
Number of roto-cut blades12141618202224262830
Cutter systemroto-cut (optional)
Blade coating toughness60 HRC
Adjustable platforms3.5-7 cm
Working speed7-10 km/h
Service interval10 h